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Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church is a historical Church located directly across the street from Fayetteville State University. On July 23, 1922, the church to be named Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church and was organized by the late Dr. E. E. Smith, former President of Fayetteville State Teachers college. Reverend F. Chalmers built the first church and was made pastor. There were five deacons: Mr. John Council, Mr. J. Howard, Mr. Leon Warren, Mr. Mabson Wood, and Mr. Fred King. The Sunday school and the Missionary Circle were the first two organizations to function at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. The late Mr. J.W. council was the first Superintendent of the Sunday school, and Rachael Wood was the leader of the Missionary Circle. Mrs. Mammie Evans oversaw the Missionary Circle, which organized and developed the “Sunshine Band” for children. Mr. William Evans was Mt. Sinai’s first President of the B.Y.P.U. (Baptist Youth Programs Union), later known as the B.T.U. (Baptist Training Union) and Mr. J.A. McNeill was the Adult leader of the B.T.U. The usher board was organized under the leadership of Rev. C. Perry. Mr. Ambrose Evans was the first president followed by Mrs. Sarah Russell, Mr. Bernard Barnes and Mrs. Edyth McQueen.

Rev. Dr. Aaron J. Johnson

Rev Aaron J. Johnson has the longest tenure as pastor from June of 1960 to Dec 2005, a graduate of Shaw University and Shaw Divinity School, Rev. Johnson was recommended by a former pastor. Since Mt. Sinai elected Dr. Aaron J. Johnson as a pastor, Mt. Sinai has been blessed in many special ways. Under Dr. Johnson’s direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, support of officers and members, the Church’s interior and the parsonage’s interior were painted and new furniture was purchased for the parsonage. There was a constant increase in attendance and membership. A building fund was established in May of 1961 to assist with the projected and immediate need for a larger sanctuary, a Christian Education Department, a Christian Life Academy, a departmentalized Sunday School, Faith-Based Ministries including a day school, housing and family center, a music department of six choirs, a praise team, two praise dance teams, and an orchestra was developed. Additionally, in 1968 a new church sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship hall, and offices were built. A day was established, in 1971 Mt. Sinai Homes, Inc. was organized, and in 1976 Mt. Sinai Homes were built consisting of one hundred apartments…He has been married to Mr.s Mattie Johnson for 58 years and she has been a strong supporter of his ministry thought out his 47 pastoral tenure.

Listed below are the pastors that have served this church since its founding, their leadership and contributions made Mount Sinai Missionary Church bring more souls to Christ:

Rev. Malloy, Rev. Faison, Rev. Green, Rev. Underwood, Rev. J. D. Raeford, Rev C. E. Rev Perry, Rev Worley, Rev. O. L. Sherrill, Rev. H. M. L. James, Rev. T. Watkins – Raleigh, North Carolina, Rev. M. L. Williams, Rev. W. M. Monroe, Rev. M. R. Silver.