About Us


Our congregation offers fellowships and relationships that promote spiritual growth and wellness for all ages. MSMBC has various ministries that offer enrichment. The Senior Ministry offers activities and times of fellowship within the congregation. Other adult ministries are the Women’s Fellowship and Men’s Fellowship. In addition, the Youth and Children Ministries provide a strong place where youth can be themselves while learning the plan of God for their lives. Finally, the Young Adults Ministry, which offers fun times and learning how to grow in Christ. MSMBC believes in mission and outreach. We currently partner with two schools in the E. E. Smith School district; we also support Greater Oaks Center for Boys. It is our goal to extend our arms into the community and provide service for those who are in need. MSMBC is a church where everyone can be called by name and have a place to serve. One of our core values is the belief in Sunday school attendance.

Transforming Lives Through the Love of Christ to Increase Kingdom Disciples


  1. We Celebrate Learning and Applying God’s Word
  2. We Celebrate Every Guest and Their Experience
  3. We Celebrate Showing the Love of Christ
  4. We Celebrate the Power of Prayer
  5. We Celebrate Giving Our Best to Further the Kingdom
  6. We Celebrate Connecting and Building Everlasting Relationships
  7. We Celebrate Expressing Our Love of God