mtsinai bricks headerOn July 23, 1922 the church to be named Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, was organized by the late Dr. E. E. Smith, former President of Fayetteville State Teachers college (also known as State Normal School). Other organizers were Reverend H. G. Pope, a former pastor of First Baptist Church and Mr. Fred King, who was made substitute deacon of the church, along with the assistance of four other families. The families and children of Reverend Francis Chalmers, Mr. & Mrs. John Council, Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard and Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wood provided organizational support and assistance during this period.

Reverend F. Chalmers built the first church and was made pastor. There were five deacons: Mr. John Council, Mr. J. Howard, Mr. Leon Warren, Mr. Mabson Wood and Mr. Fred King. Five deacons were appointed because it was required for church organization.

The approaching winter weather and continued growth made the members look for another church site. Mrs. Rachael Wood offered the present site for the building of the church. In order to make the deed legal the members had to make a small payment. The present auditorium was built with a huge beautiful window of many colors stretching across the front. This window of many colors was donated by Mrs. Rachael Wood. The main entrance was a little belfry room with a high steeple to support the bell on the right front of the church. There was also an entrance on the left side near the front end.

In the earlier years, the church had only a few auxiliary organizations. The Sunday school and the Missionary Circle were the first two organizations to function at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. The late Mr. J.W. council was the first Superintendent on the Sunday school, and the late Mrs. Rachael Wood was mother and leader of the Missionary Circle. The Missionary Circle organized and developed the “Sunshine Band” for children and placed the late Mrs. Mammie Evans in charge of this organization. Mrs. Evans remained in this office until her death. Then, for an undetermined number of years, these three organizations were led by Mrs. Lea Smith. Mr. William Evans was Mt. Sinai’s first President of the B.Y.P.U. (Baptist Youth Programs Union), later known as the B.T.U. (Baptist Training Union) and Mr. J.A. McNeill was the Adult leader of the B.T.U. for numerous years. After the death of Mr. Mabson Woods in 1941, Mr. C.B. McNeill became Chairman of the Deacons Board and served Mt. Sinai in this capacity for many years. Early church treasurers of Mt. Sinai were the late Mrs. Rachael Wood, Mr. James Tendell and Ms. Lena Wood, who all served without receiving pay. The church secretaries have been Mrs. Louretta Wood, Mr. J.W. Council, Mr. J. Alexander McNeill (who later served as church clerk) and Mrs. Claraliene McNeill Gordon. During the years of the church’s beginning, two old-fashioned foot pump organs were owned. The first organist played for congregational singing. Organist that have served Mt. Sinai have been Ms. Lena Wood, Ms. Doris Wood, Ms. Betsy Perry, Mrs. Vandalia Wood McAldoo, Mrs. Effie Anders Lee, Mrs. M.R. Silver (former 1st Lady of Mt. Sinai) and Mrs. L.G. Holland. Mrs. Roberta Davis served as organist for the gospel choir and the children’s choir for years. Mrs. Mattie Johnson (current 1st Lady of Mt. Sinai) served as organist for the Senior Choir and Ms. Inez McEachern served as organist for the young people’s Choir and the Men’s Chorus. The first, second, fourth and fifth organist served without pay.

The first church choir president was Mrs. J. Howard, followed by: Mrs. Mammie Evans, Mrs. Annie M. Evans (who served the senior choir until 1956) Mrs. Selena Pierce was president of the Gospel Choir. Joseph Dunham served as president of the junior choir (now Rev. Joseph Dunhan) and Mrs. Bertha Armstrong served as the directress of this group. Ms. Barbara Moore served as president of the children’s choir and Ms. Bertha Armstrong was the directress. The usher board was organized under the leadership of Rev. C. Perry. Mr. Ambrose Evans was the first president followed by Mrs. Sarah Russell, Mr. Bernard Barnes and Mrs. Edyth McQueen.

Listed below are the pastors that have served this church since its founding along with notations of outstanding accomplishments and contributions made and attained during their leadership

Rev. F. Chalmers - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Visionary, founder and Organizer of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, 1st Sunday School Superintendent and builder of first edifice.

Rev. Malloy - Weldon, North Carolina

Rev. Faison - Wadesboro, North Carolina

Rev. Green - Weldon, North Carolina

Rev. Underwood - Clinton, North Carolina

Rev. J. D. Raeford - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Rev. C. E. Perry - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Rev. Worley - Lumberton, North Carolina
First stationary pastor. Previous pastors preached on 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month. This change came in the 1940’s.

Rev. O. L. Sherrill - Statesville, North Carolina

Rev. H. M. L. James - Fayetteville State Teachers College

Rev. T. Watkins - Raleigh, North Carolina

Rev. M. L. Williams - Raleigh, North Carolina
A property lot behind the church on Elliott Street was purchased from Mrs. Ida McNeill for a parsonage site. (A two-story cinder-block house was built) The William’s family was the first to occupy the building.

Rev. W. M. Monroe - Bato, Florida

An adjoining lot to the north of the parsonage lot was purchased from the late Ms. Willie A. Evans. The church was renovated to provide two additional Sunday school classrooms upstairs. The basement was also renovated for Sunday school rooms.

Rev. M. R. Silver - Wilksboro, North Carolina
The parsonage was completely renovated with the addition of a kitchen, porch and pastor’s study in addition, the exterior was stuccoed. The ceiling of the church was replaced with celotex. A piano-organ combination was installed in the choir stand and a gas heating system replaced the old oil unit. The church’s lawn was also landscaped with cement walk around steps. The driveways were tarred and a retaining wall built in front. Rev. Silver resigned to accept a call at Concord Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland in June of 1960.

Rev. Dr. Aaron J. Johnson - Willard, North Carolina
Pastor since June of 1960, a graduate of Shaw University and Shaw Divinity School , Rev. Johnson was recommended by a former pastor. Since Mt. Sinai elected Dr. Aaron J. Johnson as pastor, Mt. Sinai has been blessed in many special ways. The blessings can be attributed to God’s help, the remarkable leadership of Dr. Johnson and the faithful and loyal followers in the church membership. Under Dr. Johnson’s direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, support of officers and members, the Church’s interior and the parsonage’s interior were painted and new furniture was purchased for the parsonage. There was a constant increase of attendance and membership. A building fund was established in May of 1961 to assist with the projected and immediate need for a larger sanctuary .

(Funds first 5-year goal was $20,000.00).

The membership grew to over 400 members, a Christian Education Department, a Christian Life Academy, a departmentalized Sunday School, Faith Based Ministries including a day school, housing and family center, a music department of six choirs, a praise team, two praise dance teams and an orchestra. Midweek services included: a Wednesday morning and a Wednesday evening Bible Class, family dinner, teachers meeting, intercessory prayer, group meetings and Bible Study. Vacation Bible School, strong youth and children’s ministries; five usher boards, prison ministry, deacon & deaconess ministry, trustee ministry, layman league, outdoor programs, senior, young adult, youth and children’s missionary ministries.

Additionally, in 1968 a new church sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship hall and offices were built. A day care was established , in 1971 Mt. Sinai Homes, Inc. was organized and in 1976 Mt. Sinai Homes were built consisting of one hundred apartments. In 1986 a family life center was built.

On November 12, 1989 a monument was erected and unveiled on the church grounds to honor all Veterans for their valor while serving our country during the great wars and conflicts. Also in 1989 after the sudden death of one of the church’s faithful members, Hobson David Simpson, his widow, Sister Frances Simpson, donated a $6,000.00 building to the Mt. Sinai Homes as a memorial to her late husband. The building provides a place for tenant’s conferences and a meeting place for the Mt. Sinai Foundation Board of Directors. A sorority also holds meetings there because Mt. Sanaiis a community oriented church.

On August 26, 1990 a cornerstone was installed with the inscription of several of the faithful who went above and beyond their duties to give their expertise, time, advise and other support for the planning and construction of this edifice.

On October 21, 1990, the Mt. Sinai Foundation Board of Directors held an observance for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Mt. Siani Homes. Included in that ceremony was the dedication of the Hobson D. Simpson memorial Tenants Building with ribbon cutting ceremony. Until the new feature was added there had not been a site to conduct tenant’s conferences. Other properties have been purchased and in 1996 a church administration and education building was constructed and dedicated.

Dr. Johnson was a concerned and compassionate leader. He could foresee what might have been the plight of some senior citizens. Many of which were not able to continue to reside in their own homes.

Therefore, he wanted to provide a residential building for those who were able to care for themselves and quarters for those who were ill and in need of nursing services. In 1997 land was purchased to Build the Blanch Battle Retirement Center under the direction of the Pastor and the Board of Directors.

In spite of the progress just described, Dr. Johnson had a vision for a greater future ministerial outreach. When he visualized a need, he boldly ventured out on his strong faith in God. The history of his 41Years of accomplishments has justified his efforts.

Above all, it was his desire to win more souls to Christ by building up the church’s membership.

Rev. Dr. A. Jamale Johnson - Fayetteville, North Carolina
Rev. Johnson was was licensed to preach the gospel at Mt. Sinai on July 9, 1995 and ordained by the Union Baptist Association in February, 1998. He was called to serve as Minister of Education in 1997 and Assistant Pastor in 1998. Rev. Johnson became pastor of Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church on January 15, 2007 and was installed March 11, 2007. His educational accomplishments are listed as follows: 1989 graduate of E. E. Smith Senior School in Fayetteville; B. S. and Master of Science Degrees in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, respectively 1993 and 1995; Master’s of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina; Master’s of Theology in May 2001 from Southeastern Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio Dec. 2007.

Rev. Johnson’s emphasis has been to promote spiritual growth among all age groups and to train people to minister in their gifted area of ministry. Under his leadership Mt. Sinai’s approach to church growth is to reach and minister to people through Sunday school. Mt. Sinai has re-energized its Sunday school by focusing on evangelism, enrolment and attendance and starting new classes. In 1998 he started a Christian Life Academy which offers additional Christian Education courses for members of the church and community.

Other ministries established within the Christian Education Department includes Sunday School which organized to reach and care for every member of the church through Sunday School and to fulfill the five-fold purpose of the Church which includes , Worship, Evangelism, Ministry, Fellowship and Discipleship. A weekly Sunday School Teacher’s Meeting was organized to be intentional about planning and doing the work of Sunday School.

As a result of the growing number of youth, a 9-12 year old ministry was organized. The Christian Education Department expanded to include Wednesday Night Fellowship Dinner and Bible study taught by Rev. Johnson. An Early Sunday Morning Prayer Team was also organized called “More Than Conquers “, to pray for Sunday services and members of the church. Under the leadership of Rev. A. Jamale Johnson numerous other ministries have been organized at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church which includes; The Fix-It Club, Drama Ministry, Operation In As Much, College Ministry, Empowerment Week/Life Skills Camp, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Seniors Ministry, Deacon’s Family Ministry and the Single and Couples Ministry. Emphasis has been placed on attending and participating in such organizations as, Black Church Leadership Conference at Ridge Crest, The True Love Waits Conference, Oratorical Contests, Bible Bowl and the Annual Youth Trips.

Rev. Johnson has held the offices: 1st Vice President of the Young Adult Department of the Women’s Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. 1st Vice President of the Congress of Christian Education for the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc., Member of the Union Baptist Association, General Baptist State Convention and he is the Assistant Christian Education Director for Union Baptist Association and currently Asst. Dean of the Congress of Christian Ed. of the GBSC. As Mt. Sinai has gone forward and looking to the future, and in submission to God’s will and way it has had a remarkable and outstanding history filled with spiritual, educational and physical growth. Our prayer and commitment is for God’s continued guidance and blessings to enable us to do what is pleasing in his sight. As we pursue the future vision designed for Mt. Sinai, may God grant us the wisdom to be guided by this exhortation from St. Paul-

Let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Extracted from: Hebrews 12:1-2
We remain
“A Church with a Heart of Compassion”
“We Are Trying Because We Care”

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