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Registration will end Thursday, September 30, 2021

We want you to connect and grow spiritually

Small Groups are a great way for you to build new relationships with other believers and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the risen Savior.

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I can remember as far back as kindergarten at Mt. Sinai that I was a part of a small group. Yes, it was a Sunday school class, but from kindergarten until today, I have been a part of a small group. These types of study helped me to mature in my faith in Jesus Christ.  I can remember when I was in graduate school and attended University Park Baptist Church in Charlotte; Sunday school was an exciting time for fellowship.

At Mt. Sinai, we want all members to enjoy an exciting time of fellowship and study every week.  It is in the small group setting that an individual builds and grows in the knowledge of Christ and His Word.

Pray about your spiritual growth, and select a small group that allows you to study, learn, pray, and grow. Jesus desires that you grow up to the Head which is Christ Jesus, Ephesians 4:15.

pastor Jamale johnson

Pastor Jamale Johnson

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